POLS 345. Counterintelligence. 3 Hours S.

This course provides an overview and history of the counterintelligence discipline; the structure and operations of the U. S. counterintelligence community including its legal foundation; and the privacy and civil liberties implications of counterintelligence operations. Course discusses how counterintelligence has evolved from the Cold War-era, with its focus on counter espionage, to 21st Century challenges such as threats from non-state actors and to our cyber networks. Course also addresses the emerging national security issues which will shape future U.S. counterintelligence operations. On completion of the course, students will have an understanding of how the U.S. counterintelligence capabilities and programs work to detect and neutralize the impact of espionage against US interests. Prerequisite: POLS 125 and POLS 130. LEC.

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