POLS 501. Contemporary Political Thought. 3 Hours AE51 / S.

An examination of the major theoretical questions concerning citizenship and government in modern society. Major ideologies and important contemporary philosophers are examined to determine how they address such issues as the meaning of the public interest, the just distribution of power and privilege, the proper role of government in society, and legitimate methods for making collective decisions. Prerequisite: POLS 301, or consent of instructor. LEC.

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of General Studies in Political Science


...POLS 308 Topics in Social Justice: _____ or POLS 501 Contemporary Political Thought or POLS...

Co-Major in European Studies


...POLS 150 Introduction to Comparative Politics or POLS...two-semester sequence EURS 501 and EURS 502...

Bachelor of Arts in Humanities


...Theory POLS 674 Ethics in International Relations POLS...for example: 6 ANTH 501 Topics in Sociocultural...

Bachelor of Science in Education


...POLS 150 Introduction to Comparative Politics 3 POLS...Europe 1918-Present GERM 501 Advanced German III...

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of General Studies in African and African-American Studies


...Society in Africa AAAS 501 Regional History: _____...Post-Colonial Discourses AAAS/POLS/HIST 561 Liberation...