POLS 562. Women and Politics. 3 Hours AE41 / S.

This course exposes students to contemporary research on women and politics by surveying the sub-fields of political science. Topics include women's representation in the U.S., women and U.S. public policy, gender and legal theory, international women's movements, women and revolution, and women as political elites. We will examine the ways in which feminist theory and women's activism have challenged the narrow focus of the discipline as well as redefined women's place in society. (Same as WGSS 562.) Prerequisite: Sophomore level or consent of the instructor. LEC.

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of General Studies in Political Science


...following: POLS 553 Comparative Environmental Politics POLS 561 Liberation in Southern Africa POLS 562 Women...

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of General Studies in American Studies


...Craft POLS 301 Introduction to Political Theory POLS...of Women 3 WGSS 562 Women and Politics...

Bachelor of Science in Education


...POLS 150 Introduction to Comparative Politics 3 POLS...following courses: 3 CHIN 562 Modern Chinese Texts...

Minor in Latino/a Studies


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