POLS 670. United States Foreign Policy. 3 Hours S.

An evaluation of the formulation of United States foreign policy in the post-World War II period. Economic, military, and diplomatic dimensions of policy; internal and external influences on policy; theories of foreign policy decision-making. Prerequisite: Nine hours of political science. LEC.

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of General Studies in Political Science


...following: POLS 612 Psychology in Politics POLS 661 Politics of the Middle East POLS 670...

Minor in Public Policy in the United States


...3 POLS 670 United States Foreign Policy 3 POLS 672 International Political Economy 3 POLS...

Minor in Leadership Studies


...POLS 528 Environmental Justice and Public Policy POLS...380 Environmental Ethics PHIL 670 Contemporary Ethical Theory...

Bachelor of Arts in Global and International Studies


...Society POLS 661 Politics of the Middle East POLS 678 Chinese Foreign Policy POLS 670...

Minor in Latino/a Studies


...in Latin America POLS 659 Political Dynamics of Latin America POLS 670 United States Foreign...