POLS 689. Topics in International Relations:. 2-3 Hours.

A study of selected problems in international relations. Course is repeatable for different topics. Prerequisite: Sophomore level or consent of the instructor. LEC.

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of General Studies in Political Science


...and the Individual POLS 685 International Law: Laws of Armed Conflicts POLS 689 Topics in...

Co-Major in European Studies


...Europe, among other regions) POLS 681 Comparative Foreign Policy POLS 689 Topics in International Relations...

Bachelor of Arts in Humanities


...War POLS 661 Politics of the Middle East POLS 678 Chinese Foreign Policy POLS 689...

Minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies


...WGSS/POLS 562 Women and Politics WGSS/POLS...and Politics WGSS/PSYC 689 Conceptual Issues in...

Minor in Human Sexuality


...and Globalization WGSS/POLS 640 Politics of Reproductive Policy WGSS/PSYC 689 Conceptual Issues in...