PORT 347. Brazilian Studies: _____. 3 Hours AE42 / H / FP.

A topics course dedicated to the study of special historical moments, authors, or themes in Brazilian literary and cultural history. Topics studied always lead to an examination of Brazilian culture and society through the critical study of literature, film, and music, in contrast with aspects of U.S. culture or other Latin American societies. Although the course may cover multiple genres and periods, it always emphasizes the plurality of Brazilian people, its history of slavery and immigration, diverse ethnic composition, rich religious milieu, and complex class system. Students also discuss the differences between the geographical regions in the country, and discuss controversial topics such as racism and religion. Given the historical similarities between the two societies, students must confront the experiences they learn about in Brazil to similar ones in the United States.Course conducted in Portuguese and may be repeated for credit as the topic varies. Not open to students who have taken PORT 547. Prerequisite: PORT 216 or consent of instructor. LEC.

Bachelor of Arts in Spanish


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Minor in Brazilian Studies


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