PRVM 893. Public Health Capstone. 1-3 Hours.

The public health capstone is a 192 hour (12 hours/week for the 16 week semester) culminating experience that requires students to synthesize and integrate knowledge and/or apply theories and principles learned to an area of public health. The capstone is meant to be taken at the end of the student's degree program, and is designed to give the student an opportunity to apply their skills to a variety of problems or issues in public health. The capstone should be primarily focused on addressing concentration specific competencies. While the exact activities and outcomes of the capstone will differ across concentrations all capstones, regardless of concentration, must include a written report and an oral defense. Prerequisite: All MPH core and required courses, nine of the 12 concentration credits completed, PRVM 891 Public Health Internship, last semester of enrollment. LEC.

Master of Public Health

...capstone experience. Course List Code Title Hours PRVM 893 Public Health Capstone 3 Successful completion...