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PSYC 483 Undergraduate Internship in Psychology

PSYC 483.  Undergraduate Internship in Psychology.  1-3 Credits.   U   

Students conduct psychology focused fieldwork in an organization related to their professional/career goals. Credit hours are determined on the basis of 120 clock hours for 3 credit hours, 80 clock hours for 2 credit hours, and 40 clock hours for 1 credit hour. An internship plan (contract) is developed by the student in conjunction with the student's academic adviser and signed off by the academic adviser and an authorized agent of the internship site. At the conclusion of the internship experience, the authorized agent of the internship site writes the academic adviser indicating that the student has met the goals of the internship plan and the hours required. No more than 3 hours of PSYC 483 may be counted toward the minimum hours required for the major. Prerequisite: Admission to the Psychology major.

Minor in Social and Behavioral Sciences Methodology

Are you interested in psychology but have a different academic path in mind? Would you like to enhance your current major for more attention in the workforce?

Minor in Psychology

A Minor in Psychology will add a strong emphasis to any degree plan at the University of Kansas. Our courses offer real world and practical applications to enhance your major(s) of choice and demonstrate to graduate programs and employers that you bring a unique understanding of statistical and research methodology, critical analysis, and the complexities of human nature.

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of General Studies in Psychology

Psychology examines all aspects of human behavior: Why do people behave the way they do? What makes people happy or unhappy? What are the relationships between the mind and the brain? Majoring in psychology allows you to explore the behavior of people and how their minds work, and then apply that knowledge to the modern world.