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PSYC 632. Advanced Child Behavior and Development. 3 Hours S.

An advanced course in child development that includes a survey of the field's principles and theoretical approaches, and current issues in research and practice. Topics will include: prenatal development, cognition and language, social-emotional development, socialization influences in childhood, developmental psychopathology, and social policies. (Same as ABSC 632.) Prerequisite: ABSC/HDFL 160, PSYC 333, or instructor permission, and senior or graduate status. LEC.

Bachelor of Arts in Human Biology

...the following: PSYC 430 Cognitive Development PSYC/ABSC 535 Developmental Psychopathology PSYC/ABSC 632 Advanced...

Bachelor of Social Work

...Violence 1.5 SW 632 Topics in Social...Learning of the Child PSYC 333 Child Development...

Doctor of Pharmacy

...alternatives include BIOL 570, PSYC 210, DSCI 202...560 4 P&TX 632 3 P&TX...

Undergraduate Certificate in Child Welfare

...Intimate Partner Violence; SW 632 Substance Abuse & Social...160) - 3 hours Psychology (PSYC 104) - 3 hours