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PSYC 651. Anova and Other Factorial Designs. 4 Hours S.

Course covers one-way analysis of variance, linear trends, contrasts, post hoc tests; multi-way analysis of variance for crossed, blocked, nested, and incomplete designs; analysis of covariance; repeated measures analysis of variance; general linear model. Applications across the social, educational, and behavior sciences are emphasized. Course consists of three hours of lecture and a required one-hour lab session where computing applications are taught. Students taking this course as PSYC 791 will have different course requirements. Prerequisite: PSYC 650 or equivalent, or consent of instructor. LEC.

Minor in Social and Behavioral Sciences Methodology

Are you interested in psychology but have a different academic path in mind? Would you like to enhance your current major for more attention in the workforce?

Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering

...Elective) 3 C&PE 651 Undergraduate Problems (recommended...recommended but not required: PSYC 104 General Psychology...