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PSYC 791. Statistical Methods in Psychology II. 4 Hours.

Continuation of PSYC 790. One-way analysis of variance, linear trends, contrasts, post hoc tests; multi-way analysis of variance for crossed, blocked, nested, and incomplete designs; analysis of covariance; repeated measures analysis of variance; general linear model. Applications across the social, educational, and behavior sciences are emphasized. Course consists of three hours of lecture and a required one-hour lab session where computing applications are taught. Prerequisite: PSYC 790 or equivalent, or consent of instructor. LEC.

Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology

We offer a single doctoral degree in Psychology which may be earned in one of the following programs: brain, behavior, and quantitative science, clinical psychology, and social psychology. Admission decisions are made separately within each program. Students admitted to one of these programs enter with the expectation of continuing graduate study through the Ph.D. as the department does not admit terminal master's students.

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