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PSYC 825. Social Development. 3 Hours.

A lecture and discussion course in social development. It includes such topics as theoretical approaches to the study of social development, as well as the literature on family processes, peer relations, aggression and prosocial behavior, child abuse and neglect, family violence, child care, and the media. (Formerly PSYC 880.) (Same as ABSC 825.) Prerequisite: A course in child psychology or development. LEC.

Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Child Psychology

...Affective Aspects: PSYC 870 Cognitive Development 3 3. Social Aspects: ABSC/PSYC 825 Social Development...

Doctor of Philosophy in Neurosciences

...2 NURO 825 2 NURO 825 1 9...NURO 844 Neurophysiology 3 PSYC 961 Biological Foundations...