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PSYC 847. Practicum in Clinical Child Psychology II. 1-3 Hours.

Intermediate practicum experience for the Clinical Child Psychology Program. Development of specific competencies in assessment and intervention with children, adolescents, and their families through didactics, field experience, and supervision. Students acquire specific clinical competencies through supervised provision of assessment and interventions for cases presenting to the KU Child and Family Services Clinic. Students develop ability to identify specific treatment goals and select therapeutic interventions that are conceptually congruent with clients' presenting problems and are based on sound empirical evidence. Students also develop the ability to integrate and synthesize test results, interview material, and behavioral observations into coherent case conceptualizations. May be taken in more than one semester. (Same as ABSC 847.) Prerequisite: Graduate standing in clinical child psychology and instructor permission. FLD.

Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Child Psychology

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Doctor of Philosophy in Neurosciences

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