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PTRS 924 Specialized Clinical Experience

PTRS 924.  Specialized Clinical Experience.  1-6 Credits.     

One and a half to nine weeks of clinical experience. During the clinical rotation the student will have the opportunity to have exposure to a different health care system such as an international clinical experience, or a specialized area of physical therapy practice. The student will be under the supervision of an experienced physical therapist in clinical settings affiliated with the program. Prerequisite: Successful completion of the first 7 semesters of the DPT curriculum or permission of instructor.

Doctor of Physical Therapy

The KU Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program is an accredited 3-year full-time graduate program designed to prepare a generalist physical therapy practitioner and to foster lifelong professional development. The program begins in late May or early June and includes classroom, laboratory, research and clinical learning experiences. Students participate in 36 weeks of full-time clinical experiences at clinical affiliate sites in the last year of the program.