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PUAD 441 Public Service Leadership

PUAD 441.  Public Service Leadership.  3 Credits.   U   

This course is based on the premise that leadership is not confined to the top tiers of organizations and that each individual can and should develop their leadership abilities. To that end, this course examines the concept of leadership through a variety of lenses-individual, environmental, and follower perspectives-in public, nonprofit and private contexts. Special emphasis will be placed on scholarly practice and perspectives of individual leadership assessment and development. This course is offered at the 400 and 700-level, with additional assignments at the 700-level. Not available to students with credit in PUAD 641 and PUAD 741.

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of General Studies in Public Administration

The undergraduate major in public administration offers students the necessary knowledge and skills for planning, implementing, and evaluating public programs. Students learn to think critically and analytically about public policy and will also acquire skills that make them more effective citizens in their own communities. Students can complete an internship for credit towards their degree. Past internship placements include: Johnson County, Kauffman Center, Harvesters, Golf Course Superintendents Association of America, City of Roeland Park, YMCA, Governor’s Internship Program, Youth Volunteer Corps of Kansas City, America Reads and Army Corps of Engineers.

Minor in Public Administration

A public administration minor provides you with the necessary background to help manage teams, develop and implement programs, and set and follow a budget. These skills would be valued in careers with local, regional and state government offices and departments, as well as careers in business, the sciences or education.