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REES 685. War and Peace in Russian Culture (in Russian). 3 Hours H/W.

This course is taught in Russian. Lectures, readings, oral discussion, and written analyses of selected major works of Russian writing and other modes of creative expression and discourse that treat the subject of war and peace, such as imaginative literature, works of history, memoirs, cinema, music, and painting. Reading examples are Slovo o polku Igoreve, Pushkin's Kapitanskaia dochka and Istoriia Pugacheva, Tolstoy's Voina i mir, Evgenii Tarle's Napoleon, Pasternak's Doktor Zhivago and Andrei Petukhov's Pamiat' o sluzhbe. Not open to students who have taken REES 485. Prerequisite: 3 years of Russian at the college level. LEC.

Bachelor of Arts in Humanities

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