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SLAV 495. Senior Capstone Seminar. 3 Hours AE61 / H.

The Senior Capstone Seminar offers undergraduate majors an opportunity to define, design and execute a substantial research/creative project under the mentorship of a faculty member. The project integrates the knowledge and skills gained in the coursework for the major and across the undergraduate curriculum, and demonstrates the students competence in the field of Slavic studies. Prerequisite: Slavic major status, senior standing. LEC.

Bachelor of Arts in Slavic Languages and Literatures

...Eastern Europe SLAV 679 Topics in: _____ Senior Capstone Seminar. Satisfied by: SLAV 495 Senior...

Bachelor of Science in Education

...495 Developing the ECU Teaching Portfolio ( SPED 495...3 SLAV 140 Understanding Russia 3 SLAV 520...