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SLAV 506 Masterworks of Polish and Czech Literature

SLAV 506.  Masterworks of Polish and Czech Literature.  3 Credits.   H/W   

A survey of West Slavic Literature and Civilization (Polish and Czech) from its beginnings to the present with emphasis on the most important trends: Renaissance, Romanticism, Positivism/Realism, Modernism and Avant-guard; Socialist realism, and Post-modernism. The course combines lecture, discussion and small group activities. Movie clips, recordings, and slides are used to reflect various cultural dimensions of West Slavic Civilization. No knowledge of Polish or Czech is required. This course is offered at the 500 and 700 level with additional assignments at the 700 level. Not open to students with credit in SLAV 706. Prerequisite: Any previous course in SLAV or RUSS.

Minor in Slavic Languages and Literatures

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Bachelor of Arts in Slavic, German, and Eurasian Studies

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Bachelor of Science in Education

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