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SOC 380 Elementary Statistics and Data Analysis

SOC 380.  Elementary Statistics and Data Analysis.  3 Credits.   S   

An introduction to social scientific data analysis, with an emphasis on descriptive and inferential statistics. Specific topics include sampling, measures of association and correlation, significance testing, the logic of causal inference, the use of computer programs for data analysis, multivariate analysis, and the critical evaluation of social science research findings. Prerequisite: MATH 101.

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of General Studies in Sociology

The study of sociology provides valuable insights into the social institutions and processes that shape human behaviors, histories, and opportunities.  Sociologists focus on the actions, beliefs, values, norms, organizations, institutions, and other social forces that characterize a society and shape people's lives.  It directs attention to how the parts of society fit together as well as the causes and consequences of social change.  The insight gained from the study of sociology leads to a greater understanding of how formal and informal rules of society contribute to different opportunities and constraints for different groups of individuals, and how these change over time.  As a scientific discipline, sociology teaches students how to use empirical data to understand current social realities and act effectively on the central issues of our time. Few academic disciplines have such a broad scope and relevance.

BGS in Sociology

Below is a sample 4-year plan for students pursuing the BGS in Sociology. To view the list of courses approved to fulfill KU Core Goals, please visit the KU Core website.  A number of Sociology electives are eligible to fulfill KU Core Goals 1.1, 4.1, 4.2, or 5.1.  

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of General Studies in American Studies

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Minor in Leadership Studies

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Bachelor of Science in Education

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BA in Sociology

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