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SPAN 328 Intermediate Spanish Conversation

SPAN 328.  Intermediate Spanish Conversation.  2 Credits.   U FP   

Conversational reinforcement of topics presented in SPAN 323 or SPAN 324 with an emphasis on oral communication skills in a cultural context. Concurrent enrollment in SPAN 324 is strongly recommended. Completion of both 324 and 328 is required for enrollment in SPAN 340 and SPAN 346. Two class meetings per week. Not available to study abroad participants. Prerequisite: SPAN 216 or SPAN 217 or SPAN 220 with a grade of C or higher; or SPAN 322.

Bachelor of Arts in Spanish

...may substitute SPAN 325 for the SPAN 323 or SPAN 324 and SPAN 328 requirements...

Bachelor of Science in Education

...or SPAN 217 Honors Intermediate Spanish II SPAN 324 Grammar and Composition 3 SPAN 328...