SPED 731. Supporting Children with Significant Learning and Behavioral Concerns. 3 Hours.

Students in this course will gain knowledge of the causes, and intervention and support approaches for young children birth through 5 years with significant support needs. These include young learners with multiple and significant disabilities including neurological impairments, physical disabilities, sensory impairments including dual sensory impairments, complex health care needs, significant developmental disabilities and challenging behavior. Emphasis is placed on environmental adaptations and direct instructional techniques to maximize independence as determined through systematic ecological inventories tailored to the individual child's strengths and needs. Information is also provided on assistive technology designed to provide appropriate supports. Functional behavioral assessment procedures, proactive intervention strategies, and developing collaborative support plans will be studied. Prerequisite: Admittance into the ECU - Birth through Kindergarten graduate initial licensure teacher education program in the Department of Special Education or permission of the instructor. SPED 752 or its equivalent, SPED 734 or its equivalent, and SPED 755 or its equivalent. LEC.

Master of Science in Education in Special Education


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