SPED 741. Methods & Assessment:Literacy Interventions Struggling Learners&Students High-Incidence Disabilities. 3 Hours.

This course will provide in depth learning experiences targeting literacy; both reading and writing. Students will learn about assessment tools and assessment systems used in tiered support frameworks to determine the required intensity of literacy support and instruction needed by children/adolescents with adaptive special education needs, and will learn about evidence-based instructional approaches and curriculum developed for students with disabilities and struggling students in general. The course is intended for persons working toward the Kansas teaching license in teaching students needing an adapted curriculum. Prerequisite: SPED 730, admittance into the Adaptive program in the Department of Special Education, or permission of the instructor. LEC.

Master of Science in Education in Special Education


...SPED 730 Characteristcs, Methods & Assessment:Intro Struggling Learners & Studnts High-Incidence Disabilities 3 SPED 741...