SPED 752. Overview of Early Childhood and Early Childhood Special Education. 3 Hours.

The course serves as an introduction to the profession including historical, philosophical, social and psychological foundations, awareness of value, ethical and legal issues, staff relations and the importance of becoming an advocate for children and families. Students will analyze/interpret trends in early education, including diversity, early childhood special education, family centered practices, legislation, public policy, and developmentally appropriate practice. The two key professional organizations, National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and Division of Early Childhood for the Council for Exceptional Children (DEC), recommended practices serve as the foundation for understanding the roles, knowledge and competencies of the early educator. Prerequisite: Admittance into the ECU - Birth through Kindergarten graduate initial licensure teacher education program in the Department of Special Education or permission of the instructor. LEC.

Master of Science in Education in Special Education


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