SPED 755. Inclusive Strategies and Interventions for Preschoolers: _____. 3 Hours.

This is a methods course that covers instructional approaches and procedures that offer developmentally appropriate, effective and inclusive early intervention for preschool and kindergarten age children who experience developmental delays, disabling conditions or who are at-risk for developmental problems and disabilities. It is directed toward: (a) "how" to teach, or the technical components of developing and delivering effective instruction that provide access to the general early childhood curriculum within recognized approaches to early childhood education for young children, and (b) the "what" to teach, or the selection of developmentally and individually appropriate child objectives as well as specific materials and specialized instructional approaches. The relationship of instructional planning to state and federal mandates will also be considered. The course is primarily intended for persons who are currently working toward certification in the ECSE program area. Prerequisite: Admittance into the ECU - Birth through Kindergarten graduate initial licensure teacher education program in the Department of Special Education or permission of the instructor. SPED 752 (may be taken concurrently). LEC.

Master of Science in Education in Special Education


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