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SPLH 660 Research Methods in Speech-Language-Hearing

SPLH 660.  Research Methods in Speech-Language-Hearing.  3 Credits.     

Research Methods is about the methods used to conduct, describe and evaluate science in communication disorders. Goals for learner outcomes include: 1) evaluation of research including adequacy of research to address scientific and clinical problems, 2) reading, summarizing and describing research through a literature review, 3) describing a hypothetical research study that addresses a specific question or hypothesis identified by the student, and 4) providing constructive peer reviews of research paper drafts. Prerequisite: 9 credits of SPLH course work; English 101 and ENGL 102 (or course meeting core skill in written communication); or consent of instructor.

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of General Studies in Speech-Language-Hearing

Communication is central to human behavior, and the treatment of communication disorders requires specialized knowledge and skills.

Bachelor of Arts in Human Biology

...College Physics II Research Methods. Satisfied by: SPLH 660 Research Methods in Speech-Language-Hearing...