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THR 801 Professional Development Seminar

THR 801.  Professional Development Seminar.  1-3 Credits.     

Preparation for faculty careers in theatre and related fields, including issues of research, teaching, and service. At least three hours per semester will be devoted to training in responsible scholarship. May be repeated for credit.

Doctor of Philosophy in Theatre

The purpose of the Ph.D. in Theatre is to develop leaders in the areas of both studies and practice. The curriculum requires an intense exposure to critical theory, history and historiography, and the craft and art of performance. We offer practice opportunities for doctoral students in directing, acting, and dramaturgy in order to help doctoral students prepare for work as scholar artists. Our graduates have excellent placement in higher education, non-profit organizations, and various posts in the entertainment industry as professional artists and administrators. Recent and former students from the M.A. and Ph.D. programs work or have worked across a wide array of academic and artistic settings, including Junkyard Dog Productions, The Ohio State University system, Chapman College, Washburn University, CBS, Disney Productions, University of Costa Rica, University of Minnesota (Morehead), Southern Illinois University, University of Georgia, Texas Christian University, University of Minnesota (Duluth), University of Arizona, California State University (Fresno), Southern Utah University, Bismarck State College, SUNY-Buffalo, Columbus State University, University of Kansas, Benedictine College, Wayne State College (Nebraska), and Converse College. 

Master of Arts in Museum Studies

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