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VAE 395 Community Collaborations in Art Education

VAE 395.  Community Collaborations in Art Education.  3 Credits.   U   

A focused examination of existing community organizations, models, and resources alongside collaborative strategies for working with these entities to achieve common goals for art education. Students in this class will learn of collaborative community models, explore entrepreneurial and other educational initiatives that contribute to the general purpose of art education, and recognize the role of families and other community members in contributing to the arts.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Art

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Art is a four-year, 120 credit hour degree program. The first year is spent in foundations courses where students focus on the development of their creative and technical skills. After the foundation year, students can select to concentrate in several degree emphasis areas.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in History of Art

The BFA in History of Art is a four-year, 120 credit hour degree program combining a 30-hour concentration in the history of art with 30 hours of studio art training to serve students interested in both the history and the making of art.