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VAE 430 Curriculum and Teaching Processes in Art Education

VAE 430.  Curriculum and Teaching Processes in Art Education.  5 Credits.     

Building on content in VAE 320, this course concentrates on curriculum development, instructional models, and professional methods in art education. We will explore how ideas and materials are used in teaching art across PK-12 levels and in diverse settings. Students will create, adapt, and use appropriate resources, materials and technologies in standards-based curriculum. We will also investigate and analyze how art educators build and maintain successful art programs. By documenting curriculum, instructional materials, art content knowledge, and studio work in a teaching portfolio, students will demonstrate an understanding of the proficiencies required for art licensure and the professional involvement needed to sustain a career in the field. Field observations in the public schools and peer teaching in a laboratory setting will be required. Prerequisite: VAE 320 (C or higher), admission to the Visual Art Education Professional Sequence, or permission of the instructor.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Art

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Art is a four-year, 120 credit hour degree program. The first year is spent in foundations courses where students focus on the development of their creative and technical skills. After the foundation year, students can select to concentrate in several degree emphasis areas.

Bachelor of Science in Education

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