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VISC 435. Book Arts. 3 Hours.

Producing books in editions is a complex undertaking. Students work in teams to create or compile content of their choosing, then edit, design, and bind their own books in a small edition. The class combines both traditional letterpress technology and digital interface for the creation of text and image. Each student receives two copies of the team's final book, one copy is archived in Special Collections at the Spencer Research Library. This class is required for the completion of the Book Arts Certificate. Open to all majors. Prerequisite: VISC 201 or VISC 202, or permission of the instructor. LAB.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design

...Design VISC 310 Letterpress VISC 410 Digital Letterpress VISC 414 Publication and Editorial VISC 435...

Undergraduate Certificate in Book Arts

...hours) Capstone: (3 credit hours) Important Notes: VISC 435 should be taken only after completion...