VISC 520. Designing for Change. 4 Hours AE61.

Exploration of branding, service and interaction design opportunities that respond to real-life complexity: audiences, systems and contexts. Introduces business and design thinking strategies associated with brand development and the idea that design plays a vital role in our local, national, and global society and well-being. Emphasis on the methods of thinking and research which precede the making of design as well as the importance of writing and verbal presentation to the visual communication design profession. If this course is required under the major studies section on the degree requirement sheet, students must receive a grade of C (2.0) or higher to continue on to the next course in the sequence. Prerequisite: Completion of VISC 402 and VISC 404 with a grade of C or higher or instructor permission. LAB.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design

...3 VISC 304 Designing Understanding 3 VISC 402 Designer as Author 3 VISC 520 Designing...