WGSS 477. Gender and Religion. 3 Hours H.

Examination of the symbols, images, scriptures, rites and teachings that define gender in various religious traditions. (Same as HUM 477 and REL 477.) Prerequisite: An introductory course in Humanities, Religious Studies or Women, Gender Sexuality Studies. LEC.

Minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies


...WGSS 333 The Politics of Physical Appearance WGSS...475 Loving Relationships REL 477 Gender and Religion...

Minor in Human Sexuality


...Studies WGSS 430 Skin, Sex, and Disease WGSS...Selfhood and Sexuality REL 477 Gender and Religion...

Co-Major in European Studies


...and Germany in Global Business Culture II WGSS 477 Gender and Religion HA 530 Renaissance...