WGSS 565. Gender, Culture, and Migration. 3 Hours H.

This course brings a human face to the 21st century manifestation of globalization by focusing on the issues of culture, gender and migration. How do these three aspects create the "global village" amongst both the host and donor peoples? When people move from one place to another, what do they leave behind, what do they take with them? What is gained, or lost by the host community? What is the impact of migration on a specific group's and individual's sense of identity? How has migration affected the people's construction, understanding, and practice of gender? Given their primary roles in the home and within the culture, these questions and more are posed with particular attention to women. Migration theories, interviews and personal testimonies as well as literary and dramatic works are critical to our analyses of the issues raised and enable us to hold conversations with, and listen to the stories of the ordinary people who make globalization happen and sustain it. (Same as AAAS 565, AMS 565 and GIST 565.) Prerequisite: Any 100 level AAAS course, WGSS 101, AMS 100, AMS 110, or GIST 301. LEC.

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of General Studies in American Studies


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