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AMS 437 Global Ethnic and Racial Relations

AMS 437.  Global Ethnic and Racial Relations.  3 Credits.   W   

This course uses written and visual materials to examine race, ethnicity, and nationalism around the world. Emphasis is on ways in which social forces, gender roles, sexual practices, cultural patterns, and political organization work together to construct and reinforce ethnic, racial, and national identities, boundaries, movements, and conflicts. Historical and contemporary comparisons are made between the U.S. and countries in Africa, Asia, the Americas, the Caribbean, Europe, the Pacific Islands, and the Middle East. (Same as AAAS 437 and SOC 437.)

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of General Studies in American Studies

Career Opportunities American Studies graduates are prepared for a broad array of occupations. Recently our graduates have entered jobs in museums, libraries, social policy, government, politics, journalism and education. Many have entered graduate work in American studies or disciplines in their concentrations. See an advisor for a list of American studies courses that may meet teacher licensure requirements in history and social sciences.

Minor in Chicanx and Latinx Studies

Welcome to the Chicanx and Latinx Studies minor! As an interdisciplinary program focused on social justice, culture, and history, the minor is designed to offer undergraduate students a dynamic understanding of the historical, social, and cultural complexities of Chicanx and Latinx communities in the United States. The minor also introduces students to the major conversations within this multi-faceted field, opening up the diversity of Chicanx and Latinx cultures and experiences to further exploration. Students enrolled in the minor are encouraged to engage with the social forces shaping the broad array of Chicanx and Latinx experiences in the United States and beyond. 

Minor in Leadership Studies

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