The Department of Ophthalmology teaches medical students primarily in conjunction with other departments. The goal is to stress the importance of the ocular examination as a part of the complete physical examination and the role of ocular changes in general disease. In addition, all students learn the diagnosis and management of specific ocular problems that any physician should know. An elective is available to the student at any level of training. This experience is a completely flexible, individual program planned with each student. The experience is designed not only for the student interested in ophthalmology but to provide in-depth experience in any aspect of the specialty for the medical student.

OPTH 910.  General Ophthalmology.  4 Credits.     

This is a 4-week course for those with advanced knowledge of Ophthalmology. There will be more opportunities to examine patients during clinic and to participate in the operating room. Students will be expected to attend lectures and grand rounds. At the end of the course, students will present a grand rounds presentation over a case study they have seen on the rotation. Prerequisite: Medical Basic Sciences.

OPTH 911.  General Ophthalmology.  2 Credits.     

The student will spend five mornings a week working in the Ophthalmology Outpatient Department and participating in the individual work-up of patients. The number of openings in this course will depend upon the number of students registered for OPTH 910. If OPTH 910 is full there will be no openings in OPTH 911. Prerequisite: Medical Basic Sciences.

OPTH 915.  Research Problems in Ophthalmology.  4 Credits.     

A 4-week course to provide the interested student with clinical research experience necessary for investigation of research problems related to ophthalmology. The student may pursue an independent research problem or participate in a project currently under investigation by a staff member. A faculty mentor must be identified prior to submission and approval of this elective by the Ophthalmology department. Prerequisite: Approval of chairperson and faculty mentor.

OPTH 916.  Ambultory Specialty Selective in Ophthalmology.  2 Credits.     

This is a 2-week course designed for fourth year medical students who are not going into Ophthalmology but would like to learn the basics of eye anatomy, an eye exam and management of common ocular problems. Students will primarily be observing in the clinic and operating room.