KU Core 34

To view a list of courses and experiences approved to meet the learning outcomes of the KU Core Curriculum, click here. The KU Core Curriculum was unveiled in Fall 2013. In Fall 2024, KU Core 34 was implemented to align with the Kansas Board of Regent’s statewide general education (SGE) framework. The KU Core 34 is the university-wide general education curriculum all incoming students complete. By completing the KU Core 34, the successful graduate will:

  • Acquire essential skills for academic, professional, and academic growth
  • Build a broad background of knowledge within arts and humanities, social sciences, and the natural and physical sciences
  • Gain an appreciation for U.S. and global cultures
  • Cultivate ethical integrity and personal responsibility

The KU Core 34 general education curriculum serves as the foundation to the KU undergraduate education and the building blocks to lifelong learning. The KU Core 34’s learning outcomes allow students to build knowledge and skills from the following content areas:

  • English
  • Communications
  • Math & Statistics
  • Natural & Physical Sciences
  • Social & Behavioral Sciences
  • Arts & Humanities
  • U.S. Culture
  • Global Culture

Fulfilling the KU Core

The KU Core is comprised of 34-35 credit hours and/or units typically completed during the first two years of study. Courses required for a degree program may simultaneously satisfy a KU Core requirement. A KU Core credit can be earned through a single approved course and/or a pre-approved educational experience.

*Students are encouraged to complete a 3-credit hour social responsibility/ethics course as part of their Arts & Humanities 6-hour requirement. These courses are designated with an asterisk in the Arts & Humanities course list below. 

KU Core Goal Credit Hours
English 6 credit hours
Communications 3 hours
Math & Statistics 3 hours
Natural & Physical Sciences 4-5 hours; must include a lab
Social & Behavioral Sciences 6 hours in 2 different disciplines
Arts & Humanities 6 hours in 2 different disciplines*
U.S. Culture 3 hours
Global Culture 3 hours
ENGL 101Composition3
ENGL 102Critical Reading and Writing3
ENGL 105Honors Introduction to English3
ENGL 205Freshman-Sophomore Honors Proseminar: _____3
COMS 130Public Speaking3
COMS 131Public Speaking, Honors3
COMS 244Introduction to Interpersonal Communication Theory3
COMS 322Professional Public Speaking3
Math & Statistics
ACCT 200Fundamentals of Financial Accounting4
COMS 356Introduction to Behavioral Research Methods in Communication3
FIN 101Personal Finance3
FIN 301Personal Finance3
LA&S 108Personal Numeracy3
MATH 101College Algebra: _____3
MATH 104Precalculus Mathematics5
MATH 105Introductory Quantitative Reasoning3
MATH 115Calculus I3
MATH 125Calculus I4
MATH 145Calculus I, Honors4
MATH 365Elementary Statistics3
PHIL 210Playing the Odds: Reasoning, Chance, and Probability3
POLS 206Political Science Methods of Inquiry3
PSYC 210Statistics in Psychological Research3
PUAD 332Quantitative Methods for Public Administration3
SOC 380Elementary Statistics and Data Analysis3
SPLH 220The Physics of Speech4
Natural & Physical Sciences
ASTR 191Contemporary Astronomy3
ASTR 196Contemporary Astronomy Laboratory1
ASTR 391Physical Astronomy, Honors3
ATMO 105Introductory Meteorology5
ATMO 106Introductory Meteorology, Honors5
ATMO 220Unusual Weather3
BIOL 100Principles of Biology3
BIOL 101Principles of Biology, Honors3
BIOL 102Principles of Biology Laboratory1
BIOL 150Principles of Molecular and Cellular Biology3
BIOL 151Principles of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Honors3
BIOL 152Principles of Organismal Biology3
BIOL 153Principles of Organismal Biology, Honors3
BIOL 154Introductory Biology Lab for STEM Majors2
BIOL 200Basic Microbiology3
BIOL 203Introductory Microbiology Laboratory2
BIOL 225Evolution and the History of Life3
BIOL 240Fundamentals of Human Anatomy3
BIOL 241Human Anatomy Observation Laboratory2
BIOL 246Principles of Human Physiology3
BIOL 247Principles of Human Physiology Laboratory2
CHEM 110Introductory Chemistry5
CHEM 130General Chemistry I5
CHEM 135General Chemistry II5
CHEM 150Chemistry for Engineers5
CHEM 170Chemistry for the Chemical Sciences I5
CHEM 190Foundations of Chemistry I, Honors3
CHEM 191Foundations of Chemistry I Laboratory, Honors2
CHEM 195Foundations of Chemistry II, Honors3
CHEM 196Foundations of Chemistry II Laboratory, Honors2
CHEM 330Organic Chemistry I3
CHEM 380Organic Chemistry I, Honors3
EPHX 210General Physics I for Engineers3
EVRN 140Global Environment I: The Discovery of Environmental Change3
EVRN 144Global Environment I: Discovery of Environmental Change, Honors3
EVRN 148Scientific Principles of Environmental Studies3
EVRN 304Environmental Conservation3
GEOG 104Introduction to Physical Geography3
GEOG 105Introductory Laboratory in Physical Geography2
GEOG 111Mapping Our Changing World4
GEOG 140Global Environment I: The Discovery of Environmental Change3
GEOG 144Global Environment I: Discovery of Environmental Change, Honors3
GEOG 148Scientific Principles of Environmental Studies3
GEOG 304Environmental Conservation3
GEOG 358Introduction to Geographic Information Systems4
GEOL 101The Way The Earth Works3
GEOL 103Geology Fundamentals Laboratory2
GEOL 105History of the Earth3
GEOL 121Life Through Time: DNA to Dinosaurs3
GEOL 122Life Through Time: DNA to Dinosaurs Laboratory1
GEOL 171Earthquakes and Natural Disasters3
GEOL 172Earthquakes and Natural Disasters Laboratory1
GEOL 302Oceanography4
GEOL 315Gemstones3
GEOL 351Environmental Geology3
PHSX 111Introductory Physics3
PHSX 114College Physics I1-4
PHSX 115College Physics II1-4
PHSX 116Introductory Physics Laboratory1
PHSX 191Contemporary Astronomy3
PHSX 196Contemporary Astronomy Laboratory1
PHSX 211General Physics I1-4
PHSX 212General Physics II1-3
PHSX 213General Physics I Honors1-5
PHSX 214General Physics II Honors1-4
PHSX 216General Physics I Laboratory1
PHSX 236General Physics II Laboratory1
PHSX 313General Physics III3
Social & Behavioral Sciences
AAAS 102Arabic and Islamic Studies3
AAAS 103Introduction to Africa3
AAAS 104Introduction to African-American Studies3
AAAS 351Africa's Human Geographies3
ABSC 100Introduction to Applied Behavioral Science3
ABSC 101Introduction to Applied Behavioral Science, Honors3
ABSC 150Community Leadership3
ABSC 151Community Leadership, Honors3
ABSC 160Introduction to Child Behavior and Development3
ABSC 250Human Development3
ABSC 304Principles and Procedures of Behavioral Interventions3
ABSC 310Building Healthy Communities3
ABSC 311Building Healthy Communities, Honors3
AMS 110American Identities3
AMS 112American Identities, Honors3
ANTH 100General Anthropology3
ANTH 108Introduction to Cultural Anthropology3-4
ANTH 110Introduction to Archaeology3-4
ANTH 150Becoming Human3
ANTH 151Becoming Human, Honors3
ANTH 210Archaeology's Greatest Hits3
ANTH 304Fundamentals of Biological Anthropology3
ANTH 308Fundamentals of Cultural Anthropology3
ANTH 309Becoming Human3
ANTH 310Fundamentals of Archaeology3
ANTH 315The Prehistory of Art3
ANTH 317Prehistory of Europe and Asia3
ANTH 318Peoples of the Great Plains3
ANTH 320Language in Culture and Society3
ANTH 321Language in Culture and Society, Honors3
ANTH 325Language, Gender, and Sexuality3
ANTH 340Human Variation and Evolution3
ANTH 343Food, Nutrition and Culture3
ANTH 367Introduction to Economic Anthropology3
ANTH 397Museum Anthropology3
CRIM 300Introduction to Criminal Justice3
ECON 104Introductory Economics4
ECON 105Introductory Economics, Honors4
ECON 142Principles of Microeconomics3
ECON 143Principles of Microeconomics, Honors3
ECON 144Principles of Macroeconomics3
ECON 145Principles of Macroeconomics, Honors3
EPSY 305Development and Learning of the Child3
GEOG 100World Regional Geography3
GEOG 102People, Place, and Society3
GEOG 103People, Place, and Society, Honors3
GEOG 150Environment, Culture and Society3
GEOG 351Africa's Human Geographies3
GEOG 370Introduction to Cultural Geography3
GEOG 396East Asia3
LDST 200Introduction to Leadership Studies and Applications3
LDST 203Introduction to Leadership, Honors3
LING 320Language in Culture and Society3
LING 321Language in Culture and Society, Honors3
LWS 330Introduction to Law & Society3
POLS 110Introduction to U.S. Politics3
POLS 111Introduction to U.S. Politics Honors3
POLS 150Introduction to Comparative Politics3
POLS 151Introduction to Comparative Politics Honors3
POLS 170Introduction to International Politics3
POLS 171Introduction to International Politics Honors3
POLS 301Introduction to Political Theory3
POLS 304Contemporary Political Thought3
POLS 313Comparative U.S. State Politics3
POLS 320Introduction to Public Policy3
PSYC 104General Psychology3
PSYC 105General Psychology, Honors3
PSYC 250Human Development3
PUAD 333Hard Choices in Public Administration: _____3
SOC 104Elements of Sociology3
SOC 105Elements of Sociology, Honors3
SOC 150Self and Society3
SOC 160Social Problems and American Values3
SOC 161Social Problems and American Values, Honors3
SOC 220Sociology of Families3
SOC 304Principles of Sociology3
SOC 305Principles of Self and Society3
SOC 306Principles of Social Problems3
SPLH 161Survey of Communication Disorders3
SW 220Intro to Social Work, Social Welfare and U.S. Society3
UBPL 200Sustainability and Society3
UBPL 300Planning the Sustainable City3
WGSS 101Introduction to Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies3
WGSS 102Introduction to Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Honors3
WGSS 325Language, Gender, and Sexuality3
Arts & Humanities
ARCH 340Global History of Architecture I: Origins to Industrial Revolution (3500 BCE-1700 CE)3
ART 101Drawing I3
ART 122Fundamentals of Sculpture3
ART 123Fundamentals of Expanded Media3
ART 132Fundamentals of Metalsmithing/Jewelry3
ART 133Fundamentals of Fibers3
CLSX 105Introduction to Ancient Near Eastern and Greek History3
CLSX 106Introduction to Roman History3
CLSX 151Introduction to Greek and Roman Archaeology3
CLSX 171Ancient Ethical Problems *3
CLSX 305Greek and Roman Art3
CLSX 310Greek Rhetoric in Theory and Practice3
CLSX 316Ancient Magic and Witches3
CLSX 320Roman Oratory in Theory and Practice3
CLSX 322Alexander the Great: Man and Myth3
CLSX 323Julius Caesar: Man and Myth3
CLSX 329Greek Culture and Civilization3
CLSX 330Greek Culture and Civilization, Honors3
CLSX 332Medical Terminology: Greek and Latin Roots3
CLSX 339Roman Culture and Civilization3
CLSX 340Roman Culture and Civilization, Honors3
CLSX 351Introduction to Greek and Roman Archaeology, Honors3
CLSX 378Food and Drink in the Ancient Mediterranean3
CLSX 380Ancient Greek Athletics and the Olympic Games3
CLSX 381Ancient Roman Gladiators and Spectacle3
CLSX 384Ethics in Greek Tragedy *3
COMS 232Introduction to Rhetoric3
COMS 310Advanced Organizational Communication3
EALC 142Ethics in Chinese Philosophy *3
EALC 330China's Cultural Legacy3
ENGL 100Introduction to Literature3
ENGL 203Topics in Reading and Writing: _____3
ENGL 209Introduction to Fiction3
ENGL 210Introduction to Poetry3
ENGL 220Introduction to Creative Writing3
ENGL 308Introduction to Literary Criticism and Theory3
ENGL 320American Literature I3
ENGL 322American Literature II3
ENGL 380Introduction to Rhetoric and Composition3
ENGL 387Introduction to the English Language3
EURS 396Hitler and Nazi Germany, Honors *3
FMS 200Film and Media Aesthetics3
FMS 380American Popular Culture of: _____3
FREN 110Elementary French I5
FREN 120Elementary French II5
FREN 310French Phonetics3
FREN 326Introduction to French Literature3
FREN 380The Middle Ages in the Modern Imagination3
GERM 145Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm to Disney and Beyond3
GERM 341Hitler and Nazi Germany *3
GERM 396Hitler and Nazi Germany, Honors3
GIST 139The Global Cold War3
GIST 205Muslim Lives: Politics, Culture, and Society *3
GIST 314Globalization: History and Theory3
GIST 321Graphic Novels as Memory3
GIST 376Immigrants, Refugees, and Diasporas *3
HA 100Introduction to Western Art History3
HA 150History of Western Art: Ancient Through Medieval3
HA 151History of Western Art: Renaissance to Contemporary3
HA 160History of Western Art : Ancient Through Medieval, Honors3
HA 161History of Western Art: Renaissance to Contemporary, Honors3
HA 261Introduction to Modern Art3
HA 300Introduction to Western Art History3
HA 311The Art and Architecture of the British Isles3
HA 330Italian Renaissance Art3
HIST 105Introduction to Ancient Near Eastern and Greek History3
HIST 106Introduction to Roman History3
HIST 120Colonial Latin America3
HIST 121Modern Latin America3
HIST 128History of the United States Through the Civil War3
HIST 129History of the United States After the Civil War3
HIST 139The Global Cold War3
HIST 201Writing the Past-Category I/Western Topics: _____3
HIST 202Writing the Past-Category II/Non-Western Topics: _____3
HIST 203Speaking the Past-Category I/Western Topics: _____3
HIST 314Globalization: History and Theory3
HIST 315Modern Latin America3
HIST 326Native Americans Confront European Empires3
HIST 331Age of Empires-The Atlantic 1400-18003
HIST 337History, Ethics, Modernity *3
HIST 341Hitler and Nazi Germany *3
HIST 343The Holocaust in History *3
HIST 357History of the American West3
HIST 363Perspectives on Science, Engineering and Mathematics3
HIST 368A History of Afro-Latin America3
HIST 376Immigrants, Refugees, and Diasporas *3
HIST 387Alexander the Great: Man and Myth3
HIST 388Julius Caesar: Man and Myth3
HIST 396Hitler and Nazi Germany, Honors *3
HNRS 250Citizen Philanthropy: An Introduction to the Nonprofit World *3
HUM 110Introduction to Humanities3
HUM 111Introduction to Humanities, Honors3
HUM 304World Literature I3
HUM 308World Literature II3
HUM 312World Literature III3
HUM 320Being Human in the Workplace *3
ITAL 336Italy and the Italians3
JMC 101Media and Society3
JWSH 341Hitler and Nazi Germany *3
JWSH 343The Holocaust in History *3
JWSH 347Jewish Ethics *3
JWSH 379Prophets and Profits *3
JWSH 396Hitler and Nazi Germany, Honors *3
LAC 300Interdisciplinary Themes in Latin American Studies3
LAC 320Modern Latin America3
MTHC 301Music Videos3
MTHC 302How to Make Music3
MUSC 135Understanding Music3
MUSC 136Understanding Music3
MUSC 302The Broadway Musical3
MUSC 309History of Rock and Roll3
MUSC 310History of Film Music3
MUSC 315History of Country Music3
MUSC 336Understanding Music3
MUSC 340Music History II3
PCS 120Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies3
PHIL 140Introduction to Philosophy3
PHIL 141Introduction to Philosophy Honors3
PHIL 148Reason and Argument3
PHIL 150Philosophical Communication3
PHIL 160Introduction to Ethics *3
PHIL 161Introduction to Ethics Honors *3
PHIL 170The Meaning of Life3
PHIL 180Introduction to Social and Political Philosophy *3
PHIL 181Introduction to Social and Political Philosophy, Honors *3
PHIL 310Introduction to Symbolic Logic3
PHIL 350Philosophical Issues in Religion3
PHIL 355Moral Issues in Political Governance *3
PHIL 360Moral Issues in Business *3
PHIL 375Moral Issues in Computer Technology *3
PHIL 380Environmental Ethics *3
PHIL 384Ancient Philosophy3
PHIL 386Modern Philosophy from Descartes to Kant3
PHTO 101Fundamentals of Photography4
REL 100Introduction to Religious Ethics *3
REL 102Violence and Religious Ethics *3
REL 104Introduction to Religious Studies3
REL 137Religious Ethics and Moral Decisions *3
REL 315Miracles, Martyrs, and Heretics3
REL 316Ancient Magic and Witches3
REL 357Women and Gender in Islam *3
REL 379Prophets and Profits *3
REL 380Philosophical Issues in Religion3
SLAV 144Survey of Russian Literature in Translation3
SLAV 145Survey of Russian Literature in Translation, Honors3
SLAV 148Introduction to Slavic Folklore3
SLAV 149Introduction to Slavic Folklore, Honors3
SLAV 205Muslim Lives: Politics, Culture, and Society *3
SLAV 230The Vampire in Literature, Film, and Television *3
SLAV 320Graphic Novels as Memory3
SLAV 370War and Violence Russian Literature and Film3
SPAN 104Elementary Spanish I5
SPAN 108Elementary Spanish II5
SPAN 212Intermediate Spanish I3
SPAN 213Honors Intermediate Spanish I3
SPAN 340Textual Analysis and Critical Reading3
THR 100Introduction to the Theatre3
THR 106Acting I3
THR 120Public Speaking as Performance3
THR 215Approaching Design3
THR 380Popular Culture: _____3
U.S. Culture
AAAS 106The Black Experience in the Americas3
AAAS 316Ministers and Magicians: Black Religions from Slavery to the Present3
AAAS 356African-American Theatre and Drama3
AMS 100Introduction to American Studies3
AMS 101Introduction to American Studies, Honors3
AMS 316Ministers and Magicians: Black Religions from Slavery to the Present3
AMS 324Being Deviant in America3
AMS 330American Society3
COMS 350Communication in a Diverse World3
ECON 315Income Distribution and Inequality3
ENGL 338Introduction to African-American Literature3
ENGL 340Topics in U.S. Ethnic Literature: _____3
FMS 314History of African-American Images in Film3
GERM 336The German Transatlantic Experience3
HIST 109The Black Experience in the Americas3
HIST 316Ministers and Magicians: Black Religions from Slavery to the Present3
HIST 319History, Women, and Diversity in the U.S.3
HIST 351American Indian and White Relations to 18653
HIST 352American Indians Since 18653
HIST 353Indigenous Peoples of North America3
HIST 383United States in the 1960s3
HUM 348American Indian and White Relations to 18653
HUM 350American Indians Since 18653
HUM 373Aviation in American Culture3
ISP 348American Indian and White Relations to 18653
ISP 350American Indians Since 18653
JWSH 336Jewish American Literature and Culture3
LING 110Language and Mind3
LING 111Language and Mind, Honors3
MUSC 298Introduction to Jazz3
PHIL 381Feminism and Philosophy3
POLS 312Latinx Politics in the U.S.3
POLS 361Politics of the Middle East3
POLS 363Populism and Nationalism3
REL 171Religion in American Society3
REL 330Native American Religions3
SOC 308Principles of Family Sociology3
SOC 321Wealth, Power, and Inequality3
SOC 324Being Deviant in America3
SOC 330American Society3
SOC 335American Society, Honors3
SOC 342Sociology of Immigration3
SOC 343American Racial and Ethnic Relations3
SOC 355Protest, Activism, and Dissent3
SPAN 111Intensive Elementary Spanish5
THR 327African-American Theatre and Drama3
UNIV 341US Culture & Diversity Sponsored Educational Experiences3
WGSS 319History, Women, and Diversity in the U.S.3
WGSS 327Perspectives in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies3
WGSS 333The Politics of Physical Appearance3
WGSS 364Pregnancy in Modern Literature3
WGSS 381Feminism and Philosophy3
Global Culture
AAAS 105Introduction to African History3
AAAS 160Introduction to West African History3
AAAS 177First Year Seminar: _____3
AAAS 203Culture and Health3
AAAS 204Culture and Health, Honors3
AAAS 250Introduction to Translation and Translation Theory3
AAAS 303Peoples and Cultures of North Africa and the Middle East3
AAAS 305Modern Africa3
AAAS 307Modern Africa, Honors3
AAAS 320African Studies In: _____3
AAAS 333Introduction to Caribbean Literature3
AAAS 349Islam3
AAAS 370Introduction to the Languages of Africa3
AAAS 372Religion, Power, and Sexuality in Arab Societies3
AMS 177First Year Seminar: _____3
AMS 332The United States in Global Context3
ANTH 106Introductory Linguistics3
ANTH 107Introductory Linguistics, Honors3
ANTH 160The Varieties of Human Experience3
ANTH 162The Varieties of Human Experience, Honors3
ANTH 177First Year Seminar: _____3
ANTH 293Myth, Legend, and Folk Beliefs in East Asia3
ANTH 301Anthropology Through Films3
ANTH 303Peoples and Cultures of North Africa and the Middle East3
ANTH 360The Varieties of Human Experience3
ANTH 372Religion, Power, and Sexuality in Arab Societies3
ANTH 379Indigenous Traditions of Latin America3
ANTH 382People and the Rain Forest3
ANTH 389The Anthropology of Gender: Female, Male, and Beyond3
BCRS 204Intermediate Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian I3
BCRS 205Intermediate Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian I, Honors3
BCRS 208Intermediate Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian II3
BCRS 209Intermediate Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian II, Honors3
BIOL 177First Year Seminar: _____3
CLSX 148Greek and Roman Mythology3
CLSX 149Greek and Roman Mythology Honors3
CLSX 168Ancient Epic Tales3
COMS 177First Year Seminar: _____3
DANC 330Dance in Culture3
EALC 105Asian Religions3
EALC 130Myth, Legend, and Folk Beliefs in East Asia3
EALC 315Survey of Japanese Film3
EALC 316Modern Japanese Fiction and Film3
EALC 317Contemporary Japanese Fiction and Film3
EALC 319Contemporary Chinese Fiction and Film3
EALC 356Politics of East Asia3
EALC 367Art and Culture of Japan3
EALC 373Modern Korean Art and Culture3
EALC 378Art and Culture of China3
ECIV 104Eastern Civilizations3
ECIV 304Eastern Civilizations3
ECIV 305Eastern Civilizations Honors3
ECON 110The Economics of Globalization3
ENGL 305World Indigenous Literatures3
ENGL 306Global Environmental Literature3
ENGL 315Studies in British Literature3
ENGL 339Introduction to Caribbean Literature3
EVRN 177First Year Seminar: _____3
EVRN 300Geographic Adventures in Climate Change3
EVRN 306Global Environmental Literature3
EVRN 377Resilient and Resistant Futures: Global Perspectives in Climate Change Literature3
FMS 177First Year Seminar: _____3
FMS 315Survey of Japanese Film3
FMS 316Latin American Cinema3
FMS 323War and Memory in Asian Film3
FREN 150Zombies, Aliens, Monsters3
FREN 177First Year Seminar: _____3
FREN 205French Literature in Translation: _____3
FREN 230Intermediate French I3
FREN 231Intermediate French I, Honors3
FREN 234Intermediate French I and II6
FREN 240Intermediate French II3
FREN 241Intermediate French II, Honors3
FREN 285Headless Men: Conquest and Cultural Exchange Before the Age of Exploration3
GEOG 201Culture and Health3
GEOG 202Culture and Health, Honors3
GEOG 300Geographic Adventures in Climate Change3
GEOG 370Introduction to Cultural Geography3
GERM 104Elementary German I5
GERM 108Elementary German II5
GERM 124German Cinema in Context3
GERM 125German Cinema in Context (Honors)3
GERM 130Global Issues in Germany3
GERM 177First Year Seminar: _____3
GERM 201Intermediate German I3
GERM 202Intermediate German II3
GERM 240Introduction to Translation and Translation Theory3
GERM 301High Intermediate German I3
GERM 302High Intermediate German II3
GERM 320Border Crossings in German Culture3
GIST 177First Year Seminar: _____3
GIST 210Culture and Health3
GIST 211Culture and Health, Honors3
GIST 220Introduction to Global and International Studies3
GIST 305World Indigenous Literatures3
GIST 306Global Environmental Literature3
GIST 310Modern Turkey: Culture and Society3
GIST 329Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: An Introduction3
GIST 335Iran Through Literature and Film3
GIST 355International Women's Rights3
HA 166The Visual Arts of East Asia3
HA 363Modern Korean Art and Culture3
HA 367Art and Culture of Japan3
HA 368Art and Culture of China3
HEBR 210Intermediate Modern Hebrew I3
HIST 104Introduction to African History3
HIST 117Russia, An Introduction3
HIST 118Premodern East Asia3
HIST 119Modern East Asia3
HIST 124Latin American Culture and Society3
HIST 160Introduction to West African History3
HIST 177First Year Seminar: _____3
HIST 285Headless Men: Conquest and Cultural Exchange Before the Age of Exploration3
HIST 300Modern Africa3
HIST 307Modern Africa, Honors3
HIST 320From Goddesses to Witches: Women in Premodern Europe3
HIST 321From Mystics to Feminists: Women's History in Europe 1600 to the Present3
HIST 325The Spanish Inquisition3
HIST 328The Modern Middle East3
HIST 394Made in China: Chinese Business History3
HIST 395History of Sushi3
HIST 397From Mao to Now: China's Red Revolution3
HIST 399The Samurai3
HUM 114Western Civilization I Honors3
HUM 115Western Civilization II Honors3
HUM 204Western Civilization I3
HUM 205Western Civilization II3
ISP 305World Indigenous Literatures3
ITAL 177First Year Seminar: _____3
ITAL 301Introduction to Italian Literature and Textual Analysis3
ITAL 340Studies in Italian Culture: _____3
JWSH 107Jews, Christians, Muslims3
JWSH 124Understanding the Bible3
JWSH 125Understanding the Bible, Honors3
JWSH 177First Year Seminar: _____3
JWSH 315The Spanish Inquisition3
JWSH 327Jewish Secular Culture3
JWSH 329Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: An Introduction3
LAC 100Latin American Culture and Society3
LAC 177First Year Seminar: _____3
LAC 332Language and Society in Latin America3
LAC 334Indigenous Traditions of Latin America3
LING 106Introductory Linguistics3
LING 107Introductory Linguistics, Honors3
LING 177First Year Seminar: _____3
LING 250Introduction to Translation and Translation Theory3
LING 370Introduction to the Languages of Africa3
MUS 177First Year Seminar: _____3
MUSC 318Drumming Cultures of the World3
MUSC 320Music History I3
MUSC 335Understanding Music - Study Abroad3
PLSH 204Intermediate Polish I3
PLSH 208Intermediate Polish II3
POLS 356Politics of East Asia3
POLS 362Women and Politics3
POLS 369Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: An Introduction3
POLS 375Russian Foreign Policy3
PORT 177First Year Seminar: _____3
REES 110Understanding Russia and Eastern Europe3
REES 111Understanding Russia and Eastern Europe, Honors3
REES 220Societies and Cultures of Eurasia3
REES 221Societies and Cultures of Eurasia, Honors3
REES 310Understanding Russia and Eastern Europe3
REES 311Understanding Russia and Eastern Europe, Honors3
REL 106Asian Religions3
REL 107Jews, Christians, Muslims3
REL 124Understanding the Bible3
REL 125Understanding the Bible, Honors3
REL 130Myth, Legend, and Folk Beliefs in East Asia3
REL 177First Year Seminar: _____3
REL 303Peoples and Cultures of North Africa and the Middle East3
REL 310Religion in Korea3
REL 350Islam3
REL 360The Buddhist Tradition in Asia3
SLAV 140Understanding Russia3
SLAV 141Understanding Russia, Honors3
SLAV 250Introduction to Translation and Translation Theory3
SLAV 310Modern Turkey: Culture and Society3
SLAV 316The Peoples and Cultures of Southeastern Europe Through Film3
SLAV 317The Peoples and Cultures of Southeastern Europe Through Film, Honors3
SLAV 340The Language Landscape of Eastern Europe3
SLAV 341The Language Landscape of Eastern Europe, Honors3
SOC 130Comparative Societies3
SOC 332The United States in Global Context3
SPAN 202Introduction to Translation and Translation Theory3
SPAN 216Intermediate Spanish II3
SPAN 217Honors Intermediate Spanish II3
SPAN 300Developments in Hispanic Cultures3
SPAN 302The Spanish Inquisition3
TURK 310Modern Turkey: Culture and Society3
UNIV 342Culture & Diversity Sponsored Educational Experiences3
WGSS 320From Goddesses to Witches: Women in Premodern Europe3
WGSS 321From Mystics to Feminists: Women's History in Europe 1600 to the Present3
WGSS 355International Women's Rights3
WGSS 389The Anthropology of Gender: Female, Male, and Beyond3