Reserve Officers Training Corps

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Reserve Officers Training Corps

The University of Kansas is one of only 37 U.S. universities with a full offering of Army, Air Force, and Naval ROTC programs. These programs are integrated into the mainstream of campus activities. All ROTC programs offer scholarships that pay tuition and fees, furnish books and uniforms, and provide a monthly living allowance.

Students in ROTC pursue regular courses toward a degree and augment their studies with courses from the Departments of Military Science, Aerospace Studies, or Naval Science. These courses may be cross-listed with a professional school or reviewed on an individual basis by the Assembly of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences for accreditation toward degree requirements.

On successful completion of requirements and graduation from KU, Army and Air Force ROTC cadets are commissioned into their respective service as Second Lieutenants.  Naval ROTC midshipmen commission as Ensigns in the Navy, or Marine Corps Second Lieutenants.


Army - Army: Department of Military Science
Air Force - Air Force: Department of Aerospace Studies
Navy - Navy: Department of Naval Science