Why study physics and astronomy?

Because understanding the physical universe starts here.

Requirements for the Minor in Physics

Physics Minor Course Requirements

Student selecting this minor must complete courses as specified in each of the following areas:

General Physics I. Satisfied by one of the following:5
General Physics I
and General Physics I Laboratory
General Physics I Honors
General Physics II. Satisfied by one of the following:4
General Physics II
and General Physics II Laboratory
General Physics II Honors
General Physics III and Intermediate Physics Laboratory. Satisfied by:
PHSX 313
PHSX 316
General Physics III
and Intermediate Physics Laboratory I
Mechanics I. Satisfied by:
PHSX 521Mechanics I3
Electricity and Magnetism. Satisfied by:
PHSX 531Electricity and Magnetism3
Physics Required Elective. Satisfied by any 3 credit hour PHSX course numbered 500 or above.3

Minor Hours & Minor GPA

While completing all required courses (above), minors must also meet each of the following hour and grade-point average minimum standards:

Minor Hours
Satisfied by 21 hours of major courses.

Minor Hours in Residence
Satisfied by a minimum of 9 junior/senior (300+) hours of KU resident credit in the major. 

Minor Junior/Senior (300+) Hours
Satisfied by a minimum of 13 hours from junior/senior courses (300+) in the minor.

Minor Graduation GPA
Satisfied by a minimum of a 2.0 KU GPA in the minor. GPA calculations include all courses in the field of study including F’s and repeated courses. See the Semester/Cumulative GPA Calculator.