PVMD 976. CLARION. 2-4 Hours.

Students who participate in CLARION will develop a deeper understanding of healthcare as a system that requires highly performing interprofessional teams to achieve the six aims outlined by the Institute of Medicine. These aims include care that is safe, timely, equitable, effective, efficient and patient centered. Students will study with other students from other health professions disciplines under the direction of interprofessional course faculty and invited members of the community who will guide discussions each week to prepare students for analyzing and developing solutions to a fictional healthcare sentinel event. CLN.

PVMD 995. Special Topics in Preventive Medicine. 2-8 Hours.

This elective is designed to provide clinical and/or research experience in topics of special interest not otherwise represented in the curriculum. The student will design, in consultation with Departmental faculty, specific objectives, reading assignments and the mechanism for course evaluation. CLN.