The engineering petroleum management certificate program is offered to concurrently enrolled graduate students in the School of Business MBA Petroleum Management Program. Completion of the program awards a certificate for academic accomplishment in the Petroleum Management area. 

Applicants must have been admitted to the School of Business MBA Petroleum Management Program before they are considered for admission to the Engineering Petroleum Certificate program.  Enrollment is concurrent.

Certificate Requirements

Total Engineering Required Credit Hours:   (15)


C&PE 511 – Momentum Transfer (fall semester)                                   (3)

          or AE 345 Fluid Mechanics (summer semester)

          or ME 510 Fluid Mechanics (spring semester)

C&PE 522 – Economic Appraisal of Chemical and Petroleum Projects  (2)

C&PE 624 – Plant and Environmental Safety                                         (3)

          EMGT 850 or Engineering Elective

C&PE 765 – Corrosion Engineering                                                        (3)

C&PE 804/BUS 825 – Petroleum Management Seminar                        (1)

          with Summer Industry Tour

C&PE 825 Final Thesis                                                                           (3)