Undergraduate Certificate in Global Awareness

The Global Awareness Program Certificate (GAP) allows students to explore the world at KU and beyond through a combination of coursework, on-campus events, and international experiences. Open to all majors, GAP highlights students’ knowledge of and experience with the broader world. Greater understanding of political, social, and economic landscapes outside the United States will better prepare  students for the demands of our interconnected world. Noted on the official transcript, GAP expands students' worldview and resume. 

 By completing GAP, you will:

  • View the world from various perspectives through courses and hands-on experiences.
  • Engage with people from the 100+ countries represented at KU. Meet friends from around the world, experience new cultures and create a global network.  
  • Communicate your broad cultural knowledge and skills to future employers.

GAP combines courses, on-campus cultural activities, and study abroad. Complete 2 components to earn the certificate and all 3 for GAP with Distinction.