Accelerated Master of Arts in English

The 4+1 B.A.-M.A. program will offer our best undergraduate majors the opportunity to earn both the bachelor's and master's degrees in a focused and accelerated manner. The program enables qualified KU students to count 12 hours of graduate-level course work toward  the major requirements and the master's degree, which will be completed in the 5th year.

The course requirements for the accelerated M.A. program are fulfilled by a combination of graduate-level courses taken for both undergraduate and graduate credit in Year 4, fulfilling both B.A. major requirements and M.A. degree requirements, and graduate credit courses taken in Year 5.

  • Students must be approved to begin course work toward the 4+1 program prior to enrolling in any classes that are to count for both undergraduate and graduate credit.

Only current KU undergraduate students are eligible to apply to the Accelerated MA program. If you are not a current undergraduate student at KU, please review the admission requirements for the regular MA program.