Undergraduate Certificate in Francophone Studies

There are currently over 300 million French-speakers worldwide, 60% of whom live outside France. By 2050, there will be an estimated 750 million French-speakers, 80% of whom will live in Africa (“France Diplomatie”).  The certificate provides linguistic and cultural cross-disciplinary training, not available in other programs, for students majoring in French and Francophone Studies, African and African-American Studies, and related programs, who wish to learn about interactions between French-speaking and indigenous peoples across the Francophone world, from Africa, North America, Indian Ocean, Southeast Asia, and Polynesia. The certificate requires one three-hour gateway course in FREN introducing the student to French-speaking global cultures; one course in an indigenous language (Arabic, Haitian Creole, Wolof, taught by AAAS); and two junior-/senior-level elective courses from related fields.