Students majoring in various social science disciplines are encouraged to minor in Public Policy.  Students earning a BA or BGS can obtain a minor; the minor consists of 18 credit hours.

Requirements for the Public Policy in the U.S. Minor

The Public Policy in the U.S. minor involves course work focused on domestic U.S. public policy and the political environment surrounding the making and implementation of policy.

*NOTE - Students in more than one minor offered through the political science department cannot overlap more than one course between two minors.

Public Policy in U.S. Minor Core

Public Policy in the U.S. Minor Core Requirements
POLS 110Introduction to U.S. Politics3
POLS 320Introduction to Public Policy3
Public Policy in U.S. Minor Electives
At least 12 hours of POLS courses from approved list:12
POLS 493Directed Readings (if content is appropriate)1-3
POLS 528Environmental Justice and Public Policy3
POLS 553Comparative Environmental Politics3
POLS 563Comparative Political Economy3
POLS 566Social Welfare, Taxation, and the Citizen3
POLS 613Comparative U.S. State Politics3
POLS 614Urban Politics3
POLS 620Formulation of Public Policy3
POLS 621Public Policy Analysis3
POLS 622Government and the Economy3
POLS 623The Politics of Social Policy3
POLS 624Environmental Politics and Policy3
POLS 625Extremist Groups and Government Response3
POLS 628The Politics of Public Health3
POLS 629Topics in Public Policy: __________1-3
POLS 630Politics of Identity3
POLS 634Bureaucratic Politics3
POLS 640Politics of Reproductive Policy3
POLS 644Justice and Public Policy in Democratic Societies3
POLS 670United States Foreign Policy3
POLS 672International Political Economy3
POLS 673International Organization3
POLS 675Russian Foreign Policy3
POLS 677U.S. National Security Policy3
POLS 720The Scope of Public Policy (graduate level)3

Minor Hours & Minor GPA

While completing all required courses, minors must also meet each of the following hour and GPA minimum standards:

Minor Hours
Satisfied by 18 hours of minor courses.

Minor Junior/Senior Hours in Residence
Satisfied by a minimum of 12 hours of KU resident credit in the minor.

Minor Junior/Senior Hours
Satisfied by a minimum of 12 hours from junior/senior courses (300+) in the minor.

Minor Junior/Senior Graduation GPA
Satisfied by a minimum of a 2.0 KU GPA in all departmental courses (300+) in the minor. GPA calculations include all junior/senior courses in the field of study including F’s and repeated courses. See the Semester/Cumulative GPA Calculator.