Students may enroll in an elective module in which an experience in clinical anesthesia is offered, including the administration of anesthetics under supervision. The student becomes proficient in the placement of peripheral intravenous lines and endotracheal tubes. The opportunity to place central venous lines and intra-arterial lines, as well as other critical care procedures, may also be provided. Lectures and case conferences are presented, enabling the student to manage patients with renal failure, chronic pulmonary disease, coronary artery disease, neuromuscular diseases, and central nervous system diseases. The student also becomes familiar with the basic concepts of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and has the opportunity to participate in the treatment of patients with chronic pain.

ANES 910.  Anesthesiology.  4 Credits.     

Students will work in the operating room suites daily under the direct supervision of an instructor in anesthesia and will be made to feel that they are part of the cooperative, expert team caring for each patient. In addition, the fundamentals of anesthesiology will be taught by means of lectures, seminars, and conferences in the afternoons, as well as through clinical situations. Students will have a required project/presentation at the end of the rotation. Prerequisite: Medical Basic Sciences.

ANES 911.  Critical Care: Post-Anesthesia Unit.  4 Credits.     

The objective of this clerkship is to provide students with experience in the management of critically ill patients. Students will participate in the diagnosis and treatment of patients in the KUMC Post-Anesthesia Unit. Clinical work will be supplemented by conferences and other educational activities. This clerkship fulfills the Critical Care Selective requirement.

ANES 912.  Special Topics in Anesthesiology.  4 Credits.     

This elective is designed to provide clinical and/or research experience in topics of special interest not otherwise represented in the curriculum. The student will design, in consultation with department research and clinical faculty, specific objectives, reading assignments, and the mechanism for student evaluation. Medical basic sciences and departmental approved application and consent. Please contact Dr. Erin Young for the application and approval process at Prerequisite: Medical basic sciences and departmental consent.