Emergency Medicine

ERMD 919.  Clinical Elective in Emergency Medicine.  4 Credits.     

This course will instruct students in the evaluation, management, and disposition of patients presenting to the Emergency Department with undifferentiated complaints. Students will be expected to evaluate patients of all groups and develop treatment plans under the direct supervision of Emergency Medicine faculty. In addition, students will actively participate in the resuscitation and stabilization of critically ill and trauma patients. Prerequisite: SURG 900, MED 900, GYNO 900, PED 900.

ERMD 920.  Critical Care: Emergency Room.  4 Credits.     

The objective of this course is to provide students with experience in the management of critically-ill patients. Students will participate in the diagnosis and treatment of patients in the Emergency Room. Clinical work will be supplemented by conferences and other educational activities. This course is only offered on the Salina campus.

ERMD 921.  Emergency Ultrasound Elective.  4 Credits.     

Emergency ultrasound allows for rapid and accurate diagnostic information that can have significant benefits to patient outcomes. It involves performing and interpreting ultrasound at the patient's bedside and is used to rapidly triage, diagnose, and treat medical conditions in modern emergency departments around the country. This course will instruct students interested in Emergency Medicine in the skills necessary to perform and interpret point-of-care ultrasound examinations. Students will be expected to learn the basic principles of point of care ultrasound, to recognize the indications of point of care ultrasound, and also to develop proficiency in performance and interpretation of the basic point of care ultrasound examinations performed in the Emergency Department.