Pharmacology, Toxicology, & Therapeutics

The medical pharmacology courses teach pharmacological principles and the essential facts necessary to select and prescribe appropriate medications to maximize the desirable and minimize the undesirable effects. Moreover, students are prepared to incorporate new information and the use of new drugs into their practice. The courses give students a variety of instructional aids to master the material, exposing them to concepts, facts, and therapeutic applications. Group discussions cultivate the ability to interpret, integrate, and synthesize essential information.

PHRM 910.  Research in Pharmacology.  4 Credits.     

Selected research problems may be investigated under the direction of individual staff members. A description of current staff research projects is available from the department. Prerequisite: Permission of department.

PHRM 911.  Readings in Pharmacology.  2-10 Credits.     

Selected topics for reading in advanced texts and original papers in pharmacology. A paper and Journal Club presentation of the selected topic are required. Prerequisite: Permission of department.

PHRM 914.  Advanced Pharmacology.  4 Credits.     

Consultant rounds, poison control, immunopharmacology, and environmental health. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.