ANSL 976.  Anesthesiology.  4 Credits.     

This course will acquaint students with various aspects of Anesthesiology. Students will learn essentials of the pharmacology of the various potent anesthetic agents, narcotics, barbiturates, tranquilizers, muscle relaxants and local anesthetics. They will acquire knowledge of pharmacology, physiology, anatomy, and biochemistry as they relate to anesthesia and some knowledge in the mechanics and physics of anesthesia machines and gas physiology in general. Student will receive training in Critical Care Medicine learning mechanics of ventilators and indications for use of ventilatory support among other critical care topics. Students will learn pulmonary and cardiovascular physiology and the use of diuretics and cardiotonic agents as they pertain to cardio-respiratory support in the patient with acute critical illness. Students will also be exposed to regional and spinal anesthesia, learning drug doses, techniques and indications for use. Prerequisite: Medical Basic Sciences.

ANSL 995.  Special Topics in Anesthesia.  1-4 Credits.     

This elective is designed to provide the clinical and/or research experience in topics of special interest not otherwise represented in the curriculum. The student will design, in consultation with department faculty, specific objectives, reading assignments, and the mechanism for course evaluation. Prerequisite: Medical Basic Sciences and departmental consent.