OBGN 976. General Obstetrics and Gynecology. 4-8 Hours.

Supervised experience in labor and delivery, gynecologic surgery, and in-hospital management of the OB-GYN patient will be given. Scheduled conferences include weekly case conference and didactice lectures on Wednesday morning. Daily teaching and working rounds with attending staff will likewise be a very important part of the clerkship. Clinics meet daily. Deliveries/month: 500 (60 clinic); operations/month: 500 (60 clinic). Prerequisite: OBGN 975. CLN.

OBGN 977. Maternal-Fetal Medicine. 4 Hours.

The student will develop skills in assessment of high-risk obstetric and neonatal patients and will be a participating member of the perinatal transport team. Through development of a scientific paper on perinatal medicine (the specific subject to be determined in advance by the course director and student), the student will be able to illustrate his or her expanded knowledge in this subspecialty. The student on this elective will attend a weekly high-risk follow-up clinic, make rounds in the neonatal intensive care and intermediate nurseries with the assigned staff and resident physicians. The student will be on call for the perinatal transports team of obstetric and neonatal transports by ground and air, be on twenty-four hour birth room call every fourth night, devoting this call time to the delivery rooms. The student will attend all obstetric and neonatal conferences, attend a weekly conference with perinatologists and neonatologists, be invited on outreach education programs, and effort will be made to follow high-risk patients through labor-delivery-postpartum and neonatal care. The student will be evaluated by the supervising staff physician on patient care and on the completed paper on perinatal subject. Prerequisite: OBGN 975 and PDRC 975. CLN.

OBGN 979. Gynecologic Oncology. 4 Hours.

The objectives of this course for a senior medical student are as follows: 1) to introduce the student to gynecologic malignancies, their presenting symptoms, their evaluation, and treatment thereof; 2) management of treatment complications including management of chemotherapy problems and radiation problems; 3) management of medical problems associated with progressive malignancies. Prerequisite: OBGN 975. CLN.

OBGN 995. Special Topics in Obstetrics. 2-4 Hours.

This elective is designed to provide clinical and/or research experience in topics of special interest not otherwise represented in the curriculum. The student will design, in consultation with department faculty, specific objectives, reading assignments, and the mechanism for course evaluation. Prerequisite: Departmental consent. CLN.