SGRY 972.  Urological Surgery.  2-4 Credits.     

Students will experience urologic surgery patient care during clinics in the office setting. Students will be assigned to the Urological service and perform history and physical and urological diagnosis examinations. Students will attend surgical conferences. Students will see both pre- and post-operative patients and assist with minor out-patient surgeries.

SGRY 974.  Otolaryngology--Ears, Nose, Throat.  2 Credits.     

Students will observe the activities of a practicing otorhinolaryngologist and participate in the management of patients with ENT disorders. Students will observe and perform the examination of the anatomical areas and cavities of the head and neck. Students will accompany the assigned physician on all hospital rounds during office hours and when possible, observe surgical procedures. Prerequisite: Medical basic sciences.

SGRY 975.  Surgery Clerkship.  0-8 Credits.     

During the clinical clerkship the student develops understanding of the diagnosis and treatment of surgical conditions including life-threatening conditions. Students will have the opportunity to gain an understanding of Surgery through patient interviews, physical examination, surgical procedures, review of imaging and laboratory studies, and a variety of other educational experiences. This clerkship will expose students to management of patients in both inpatient and outpatient settings as well as in the operating room. Prerequisite: Medical Basic Sciences.

SGRY 976.  Ophthalmology.  2 Credits.     

The rotation is designed to familiarize the student with the private office and surgical procedures of a practicing ophthalmologist. Students will learn proper use of an opththalmoscope and how to perform the ocular exam. Students will observe surgical procedures, and participate in hospital rounds and private office visits. The student will be directly involved in all patient care as provided by the assigned ophthalmologist. Prerequisite: Medical basic sciences.

SGRY 977.  Plastic Surgery.  2-4 Credits.     

All student participation will be under the direct supervision of the staff. This clerkship is directed toward providing a variety of experiences in the field of plastic surgery. The student will participate in evaluating and treating outpatients and inpatients in a private office and hospital setting. The student will be involved with history taking, physical examination, and evaluation of patients preoperatively. Attendance in the operating room will be emphasized as well as postoperative management of plastic surgery problems. Prerequisite: SGRY 975.

SGRY 978.  Orthopedic Surgery.  2-4 Credits.     

Emphasis will be placed on the principles of orthopedic evaluation and care through obtaining a history, performing a physical examination, and outlining management on assigned orthopedic patients. The student's responsibilities will include rounds with attending orthopedic surgeon or the resident, clinic or office rotation and several orthopedic conferences and assigned lectures. Prerequisite: SGRY 975.

SGRY 979.  Cardiothoracic Surgery.  2-4 Credits.     

This clerkship is designed to give the student familiarity and basic understanding of cardiopulmonary disease entities with emphasis on pathophysiology, diagnosis, and management. Conferences as well as rounds with attending surgeons and resident staff comprise the essential part of this clerkship. Patients will be assigned to students for workup on a regular basis not to exceed three patients a week. Prerequisite: SGRY 975.

SGRY 981.  Neurosurgery.  2-4 Credits.     

This elective will provide an in-depth exposure to neurosurgery. Student will have daily rounds, patient workups, surgery and office experience. He/she will be supervised by faculty and surgery residents assigned to neurosurgery. Patient contact is variable. Students will be evaluated on form for clinical assessment and interpersonal skills currently in use by the Department of Surgery. Prerequisite: SGRY 975.

SGRY 983.  General Surgery Preceptorial.  2-4 Credits.     

The clerkship provides in-depth exposure to hospital and office practice in general surgery. The student will make daily rounds, assist in office, perform patient work-ups, scrub on all surgical procedures on his/her patients, and attend conferences on consultant rounds, surgical grand rounds, and tumor and X-ray. Evaluation will be based on patient work-ups, technical skills, rapport with patients, paramedical personnel, and surgical team. Prerequisite: SGRY 975 and INMD 975.

SGRY 984.  Surgery Residency Prep Course.  2 Credits.     

This is a 2 week course designed to prepare graduating MS4 students for a surgery residency. With a combination of didactics and skills workshops, students will be more comfortable with essential aspects and skills needed to start their intern year. Prerequisite: Completion of M3 Surgery Clerkship.

SGRY 985.  Pediatric Surgery.  2-4 Credits.     

This course provides an introduction to common problems in pediatric surgery. The student will attend three to four conferences per week, make daily rounds, perform patient work-ups, and assist in surgery and office experience--both preoperatively and postoperatively. The student will have contact with approximately twenty-five patients per week and will be supervised by a faculty member. Evaluation will be based on clinical assessment and interpersonal skills. Prerequisite: SGRY 975 and PDRC 975.

SGRY 986.  Peripheral Vascular Surgery.  2-4 Credits.     

The objective is to learn to care for patients with peripheral vascular disease emphasizing diagnosis, examination, appropriate testing, including ultrasounds, vascular lab, angiography, and CT scans. Students will also be familiar with the natural history of peripheral vascular disease and the role of surgical and non-surgical treatments. In addition the student will gain knowledge of venous disease to include management and treatment of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. The student will be expected to see patients on rounds, assist in surgery, and perform preoperative evaluation of patients with vascular disease. The student will see patients both as in-patients and out-patients. Prerequisite: SGRY 975.

SGRY 987.  Senior Elective in Surgery.  4 Credits.     

The student will be assigned to a teaching panel and will work closely with the attending surgeons and residents. The student will participate in the preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative management of surgical patients. Exposure to acutely injured patients and acute surgical conditions in the emergency department will be an important aspect of this elective. As a result of these experiences the student will be able to: recognize acute surgical conditions and institute initial management, develop skills in surgical diagnosis, participate and assist in surgical procedures, elicit and perform an H & P on patients in an ambulatory care setting, and develop diagnostic skills in the ambulatory care setting. Prerequisite: SGRY 975.

SGRY 995.  Special Topics in Surgery.  2-8 Credits.     

This elective is designed to provide clinical and/or research experience in topics of special interest not otherwise represented in the curriculum. The student will design, in consultation with department faculty, specific objectives, reading assignments, and the mechanism for course evaluation. Prerequisite: Medical Basic Science and departmental consent.

SGRY 997.  Sports Medicine.  2-4 Credits.     

The student will experience Sports Medicine Care in the ambulatory setting. The student will evaluate sports related injuries in the office setting and also have the opportunity to observe surgical treatment in the arthroscopic surgery suite. The student will have the opportunity to participate in the on-site evaluation of athletic injuries through outreach sports medicine programming. Additional exposure to athletic training services will also be utilized. Prerequisite: Senior standing.

SGRY 998.  Subinternship in Surgery.  4 Credits.     

The student will learn to work up patients with elective surgery, acute surgical abdomen, or GI bleeding, perform fundamental diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, and assist in certain endoscopies. The student will present a patient's clinical problems in a clear and concise manner. The student will be a part of a surgical team consisting of the attending surgeon and the senior and junior surgical residents. He/she will work up patients with the junior surgical resident and be reviewed by the attending surgeon and senior surgical resident. He/she will make daily rounds with the surgical team, scrub on all surgical procedures on his/her patients, and attend all conferences required of surgical residents (consultant rounds, surgical grand rounds, etc.). He/she will assist in the operation, attend clinics and minor surgery clinics. The student will work up approximately one new patient per day. Evaluation will be based on patient workups, technical skills, rapport with patient, paramedical personnel, and surgical team. Prerequisite: SGRY 975, INMD 975, and senior standing.