Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Studies

In addition to the professional degree in pharmacy (PharmD), the KU School of Pharmacy also offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmaceutical Studies (BSPS). The BSPS degree is offered only to students accepted to the Doctor of Pharmacy program. The degree is awarded to the pharmacy students upon completion of the core requirements (pre-PharmD) and the first two years (P2) of professional courses in the PharmD program. To be eligible for the BSPS degree the students must attain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 and 137 (67 pre‐pharmacy hours and 70 professional hours) credit hours of enrollment. The BSPS degree is an optional point to exit the pharmacy program with a bachelor’s degree and allows the students to pursue other opportunities if desired. The B.S. Degree in Pharmaceutical Studies does not qualify students to take licensure exams or allow students to be recognized as a registered pharmacist.